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Avacy supports you in fulfilling the legal obligations of your websites
Easy, guided and understandable for everyone.

Quick and easy installation wizard

Avacy takes you step by step through the configuration and installation process. With clear and detailed instructions, you can easily customise settings according to your specific needs.
This will allow you to saving time e minimise errors during implementation, ensuring proper integration of the software into your infrastructure.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy generator really up to compliance

With Avacy’s privacy and cookie policy generator, you can easily create personalized privacy policies and cookies for your website. This tool helps you ensure that your policy complies with applicable regulations, including GDPR. You can customize the details and adapt them to your business, and quickly generate a comprehensive policy that respects the law of personal data protection.

Cookie banner customisable with your brand identity

Avacy allows you to create a customised cookie banner that fits perfectly with the design of your website and reflects your brand image. You will be able to customise the appearance, position, colours and text of the banner to ensure a seamless integration with your site.
In addition, you can select consent options you wish to show to users, allowing them to manage their cookie preferences in a simple and intuitive way.

Cookie Scanner with Control Panel

Avacy's scanning function allows you to perform a full scan of your website for identify the cookies used and assess their compliance privacy regulations. This tool provides you with a detailed overview of the cookies present, including third-party cookies, allowing you to assess the impact on user privacy and take appropriate measures to ensure compliance.

Register of consent for a full registration

The register of consent by Avacy offers a complete consent management solution. You can easily customize and integrate your modules to collect and document consent in accordance with the GDPR. This allows you to obtain a declaration of consent from users and to register the opt-in methods used. Avacy provides all the tools you need to ensure that your consent is handled correctly and transparently, and helps you comply with privacy regulations and have your users’ trust.


Avacy understands the importance of providing assistance in your language. Assistance in Italian ensures that you can communicate easily with the support team and get timely answers to your questions or solve any problems.
Our team will be happy to guide you and offer the necessary assistance to ensure the correct configuration and use of Avacy.

Third-level domains and all-inclusive consent

Avacy gives you the convenience and flexibility to include third-tier domains in your subscription. With this feature, you can protect your main domain, but also specific subdomains used for different purposes or related sites. This allows you to extend Avacy features to all of your online properties, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, and helping protect your users' data in all of the online areas you’re in.


Avacy is a Consent Management Platform that helps you comply with privacy regulations such as the ePrivacy Directive, GDPR and CCPA. It allows you to identify cookies on your website, generate guided privacy and cookie policies, configure a customised cookie banner, get visitor consent and much more.

Using Avacy allows you to be in compliance with privacy regulations, avoiding steep fines, reputational damage and loss of user trust. Avacy simplifies consent management, offering powerful and intuitive tools to protect your visitors' privacy.

Avacy supports the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It helps you comply with the specific rules of these regulations and obtain appropriate consent from your website visitors.

Avacy is a consent management platform with multiple features, such as the guided generation of privacy and cookie policies, creation and customization of cookie banners through which visitors can give consent for different types of cookies and advertising preferences. Avacy also offers advanced features such as Prior Blocking and consent management for Google Ads.

Yes, Avacy is compatible with TCF 2.1 (Transparency and Consent Framework), a standard for consent management in the world of digital advertising. This allows you to keep up with best practices and obtain consent in accordance with established regulations.

The guided confuguration of Avacy is designed to be simple and understandable for everyone. The platform provides clear instructions and an intuitive interface that guides you through the process of configuring the main features. No advanced technical knowledge is required to use Avacy successfully.

Yes, security is a priority for Avacy. Your user data is treated in a safe and respectful way. Avacy takes strict security measures to protect personal data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.