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We support you to comply with the legal obligations of your websites.
Easy, guided and understandable for everyone.

Compliance designed by a legal team and with an interface designed to be within everyone's reach.

Our solutions for your needs

Cookie Banner

A customisable banner to be placed on your site to comply.

Customise the banner with your Brand Identity and preserve the consistency of your website. You can set the colours, logo, text and buttons or adopt the solution proposed by Avacy.

Privacy Policy

Generate a customised Privacy Policy tailored to you in a few minutes.
Answer some simple questions about your site and Avacy will create a personalised Privacy Policy for your business and in accordance with the law. You agree to its publication and it will be automatically uploaded on your banner.

List of Cookies and Vendors

Manage Cookies and Vendors by getting support from Avacy.
Run scans, detect which technologies characterise your site and confirm them in the cookie list and supplier list. In case of problems, you will have the full support of the Avacy team to better manage the lists.

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All Avacy services

Cookie Banner

Integrate a customised cookie banner on your site to be in line with your brand.

Cookie scanner

Forget manual insertion: scan your site to automatically detect the presence of cookies.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

It generates privacy and cookie policies in a quick and guided manner, based on the actual characteristics of your site.

Consent Solution

View and store the consents given by users on your site and their privacy preferences.

Multilanguage Consent

Manage cookie banners and privacy policies in different languages.

Multi-user management

Collaborate with your colleagues using the same Avacy account by creating different profiles.

Compliance is important

Avacy allows you to respect:

ePrivacy Directive

General Data Protection Regulation

Google Consent Mode

Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0